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Save the Date September 29th 2019
Timing Partner

Training with Runtastic

Running How You Love It – with Runtastic

As an official partner of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, Runtastic is proud to be able to help the athletes prepare for their upcoming BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

With an extensive portfolio of apps, services and content on fitness and nutrition, Runtastic offers runners everything they need to get ready. The Runtastic app, for example, can bring you one step closer to your goal with info on distance, calories burned or speed, as well as detailed statistics and analyses. As a participant of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, you can enjoy all the benefits Runtastic has to offer with -40% off. The Premium Membership gives you access to training plans for various distances, Story Runs and many other features in all the Runtastic apps. Get your Premium Membership in the DIGITAL EVENT BAG for a special price.

Achieve your personal fitness goals and try out Premium and all the benefits with -40% off! (available soon)




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